Early Childhood Education/Preschool

Description: Programs that provide educational activities and experiences for children from birth to age five which are intended to foster social, physical, emotional and intellectual growth and prepare them for further formal learning. (AIRS HD-1800)

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Providence, RI

Organization Name: The Providence Center
Address: 520 Hope Street
Providence, RI
Phone: 401-825-1152
Eligibility: ages 3-5 free inclusive prekindergarten program.
Provider Profiles: The Providence Center believes in the value of early childhood education. Imagine Preschool was established to extend the benefits of quality education to all families.

Imagine Preschool is an inclusive preschool for children three to five years-old. Imagine is a 5-star BrightStars program and has twice been selected as one of eight classrooms in the Rhode Island Pre-Kindergarten program.
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Last Updated: 1/4/2017
Address: Early Intervention and Livingston Center Preschool
30 Livingston Street
Providence, RI 02904
Eligibility: Early Intervention brochure at the following link [http://grodennetwork.org/children/documents/EIBrochurefinal.pdf]
Services Provided: The Groden Center provides an array of services from infants to adults
The children's programs include
Full service Early Intervention Program
Specialty Early Intervention Program
Preschool Program and Special Education School
Children's Intensive Treatment Program
Home Based Therapy Services
Provider Profiles: The Groden Center’s mission is to enhance the lives of children and youth with autism, behavioral disorders, and developmental disabilities and their families to lead productive, dignified and satisfying lives by:

• Providing the most effective educational, therapeutic, and other habilitative services;

• Advancing knowledge and best practices through research, education and training;

• Involving, educating, and supporting families in caring and advocating for their children

The Groden Center's Early Childhood programs focus on assisting young children in making meaningful connections to the world around them. By assessing and remediating behavioral and communicative disorders, we support the child’s emotional, cognitive, and social development. The programs provide a wide variety of opportunities that include: individual, small group, and large group instruction; family resources; home visits; community exploration; sensory integration activities; integrated experiences; and assistance with school and other programmatic transitions.
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Tiverton , RI

100 North Brayton Road
Tiverton , RI 02878
Phone: 401-624-8475
Organization Name: Tiverton School Department
Address: 100 North Brayton Road
Tiverton , RI 02878
Phone: 401-624-8475
Fax: 401-624-4086
Provider Profiles: The Newport County Regional Special Education Program is a cooperative program for the towns of Little Compton, Middletown and Tiverton . The purpose is to join together in providing the full continuum of special education services for children identified with disabilities.
Anne Marie McAndrews, Early Childhood Coordinator amcandrews@mpsri.net
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Last Updated: 6/14/2016

Warwick, RI

Organization Name: Warwick Public School District
Address: 383 Oakland Beach Avenue
Warwick, RI 02886
Eligibility: Families who reside in Warwick Rhode Island School District . Parents as Teachers ages 0-3 Title 1 Preschool ages 3-5
Services Provided: Home visiting program Parents as Teachers
Preschool program
Warwick CARES program for children in a temporary housing situation
Provider Profiles: Parents as Teachers
During the years between birth and kindergarten there are important times when specific kinds of learning...language, sight, basic motor skills... must take place for your child to develop to the fullest. Parents as Teachers, a parent education and family support organization, can help you capture those windows of opportunity so your child starts school ready to succeed.
The Oakland Beach Preschool is an early learning standards based program which supports every child's joy of learning through an integrated curriculum and self esteem building, learning environment.

Oral language, social/emotional, literacy, mathematics, physical health/science and creative learning opportunities nurture each child's growth and development.

The parent/family component of the program is a major focus and contributing factor in forming home/school connections. As a community of learners, students, teachers and families promote optimal student learning success.

We are very happy to continue to offer two preschool sessions for the 2016/17 school year. With the growth of the program, we are able to offer preschool to all our Title I Schools.
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Last Updated: 12/30/2016