Local Support Groups, General

Autonomous groups of individuals who share a common problem or concern, either directly or through their partners and families, who meet together on a voluntary basis, either in-person, by telephone or via the Internet, to fulfill a need, overcome a disability or cope with a crisis. Members of mutual support groups share their experiences, strengths and hopes and rely on one another for emotional support, information and resources. (AIRS PN-8100)

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P.O. Box 41344
Providence, RI 02940
Phone: 401-307-1802
Address: P.O. Box 41344
Providence, RI 02940
Phone: 401-307-1802
Email: pflagprovidence@gmail.com
Services Provided: The PFLAG Greater Providence Chapter meets the first Wednesday of every month from 6:45 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. at The MET School, Unity Building located at 325 Public Street in Providence, RI 02905
Provider Profiles: We are the Greater Providence area chapter of PFLAG, formerly known as Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. We provide support, education and advocacy for parents, families, friends and allies of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people across Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.
Source: Rhode Island Dept of Health, Office of Special Needs
Last Updated: 12/31/2019
Organization Name: Rhode Island Parent Information Network
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Address: 300 Jefferson Blvd
Suite 300
Warwick, RI 02888
Phone: 401-270-0101
Toll Free Phone: 855-747-3224
Languages Spoken: Services available in English and Spanish
Eligibility: Statewide
Services Provided: Rhode Island Parent Information Network (RIPIN) provides:
• Live answer call center during business hours, return calls within two business days
• Care coordination and service linkage for families with children with special health care needs
• Support for families navigating the special education process for children with special needs through our Parent Training and Information Center [http://www.parentcenterhub.org/]
• Support for families navigating transition to adult services for young adults with special needs
• Support for families with children with special health care needs through our Cedar Family Center

• Connection to Family Voices and Family-to-Family information and peer support groups [http://www.familyvoices.org/]
• Help with access to health care and health insurance including Healthsource RI, Medicaid, Medicare, and more
Provider Profiles: Our mission is to assist individuals, parents, families, and children to achieve their goals for health, education, and socio-economic well-being by providing information, training, education, support and advocacy for person/family centered care and system change.

RIPIN’s staff are Certified Community Health Workers who have navigated health care and/or education systems for themselves or a loved one allowing for the inclusion of a peer perspective to our support to families.
Source: Rhode Island Dept of Health, Office of Special Needs
Last Updated: 11/7/2019

North Providence, RI

10 Dail Drive
North Providence, RI 02911
Phone: 401-231-9229
Organization Name: The Compassionate Friends (TCF)
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Address: 10 Dail Drive
North Providence, RI 02911
Phone: 401-231-9229
Services Provided: Monthly support group meetings
Quarterly newsletter
Resource library and literature on grieving
Annual Candle Lighting Ceremony the second Sunday in December
Remembrance Garden in downtown Providence
Provider Profiles: The Greater Providence Chapter of The Compassionate Friends (TCF), a national, nonprofit support organization that offers friendship, understanding, and hope to families who are grieving the death of a child of any age, from any cause.

The secret of TCF’s success is simple: As seasoned grievers reach out to the newly bereaved, energy that has been directed inward begins to flow outward and both are helped to heal. Our vision is that everyone who needs us will find us and everyone who finds us will be helped.
Source: Rhode Island Suggest Provider Queue
Last Updated: 8/30/2018

Providence, RI

600 Mount Pleasant Avenue
Providence, RI 02908
Phone: 401-456-2776
Organization Name: Rhode Island College
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Address: 600 Mount Pleasant Avenue
Providence, RI 02908
Phone: 401-456-2776
TDD: TTY (via RI Relay) 711
Eligibility: Students who self-identify and provide the Disability Services Center appropriate documentation of their condition may be eligible to receive reasonable accommodations in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and analogous state laws. The Disability Services Center is also available to advise any student who needs information about how obtain appropriate documentation of a disability.
Services Provided: Please make an appointment

Support services may include classroom and testing accommodations, advisement, referrals, and use of assistive technology.

Rhode Island College has an Advocacy and Beyond Club ( ABC)
To encourage, educate, and empower all students, faculty, and campus groups to advocate for individuals with disabilities at Rhode Island College and beyond!
Provider Profiles: The Disability Services Center is the central location on campus for disability-related services for students and is a primary resource to educate, train, and guide the college community in understanding disability access, rights, and responsibilities.

Rhode Island College is committed to providing accommodations for students with disabilities and supporting them in achieving their academic goals. Rhode Island College students with disabilities who wish to request reasonable accommodations must meet with a member of the Disabilities Services Center’s staff. To make an appointment, please call us at 401-456-2776 or TTY (via RI Relay) 711.
Source: Rhode Island Dept of Health, Office of Special Needs
Last Updated: 1/10/2019
Organization Name: Hasbro Children's Hospital
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Address: P.O. Box 122
593 Eddy Street
Providence, RI 02903
Phone: 401-444-7563
Eligibility: If you are 13-18 years old and live with a chronic medical illness, you may be eligible to join TALC! We accept new TALC members year round.
Services Provided: The Adolescent Leadership Council ( TALC) ages 13-18 The Adolescent Leadership Council (TALC) strives to prepare teenagers for the transition to adulthood and independence by providing them with mentors they can relate to. Meets monthly during school year plus a yearly overnight summer leadership camp and other events.
TALC Jr. TALC Jr. is a program for 8 to 12 year olds and their parents that meets every other month throughout the school year. TALC Jr. has the same goals as TALC but is for younger kids. Some of the teens in TALC act as mentors for TALC Jr

TALC Parent Council - focuses on a topic related to their child’s chronic illness. The group is facilitated by medical residents. At least one college age mentor (who lives with a chronic illness) joins the parent group every month to give the perspective of a young adult who has an illness and has recently transitioned from high school to college.
Provider Profiles: Transitioning from childhood to being a teenager, to the independence of young adulthood is challenging. Consider what it would be like to cope with typical teen angst and have to manage a chronic illness as well.
For teens with a variety of chronic medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, lupus, cancer, sickle cell anemia, Crohn’s disease, and epilepsy, they don’t have to do it alone. The Adolescent Leadership Council (TALC) provides a forum for adolescents ages 13-18 who are managing a chronic illness to interact with peers who are going through similar experiences and to meet college-age mentors who also have a chronic illness. Through programming, TALC members gain insights and perspective along with the confidence and advocacy skills needed to navigate their medical circumstance in the short- and long-term.
TALC teens meet monthly during the academic year, participate in social and art-related events, attend an annual team-building retreat and an annual overnight summer leadership camp. TALC also serves as the official “Youth Advisory Council” for the hospital.
Source: Rhode Island Dept of Health, Office of Special Needs
Last Updated: 10/15/2018
Address: 743 Westminster Street
Providence, RI 02903
Phone: 401-421-5626
Email: info@youthprideri.org
Services Provided: Drop-in Center
Several Support Groups- Gender Spectrum, The Way Out and Under 13
Crisis Intervention and Case Management
Individual Counseling
Basic Needs Pantry
Provider Profiles: Youth Pride Inc. (YPI) is an affirming space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning young people to build community, develop connections and be themselves. Youth come together from a wide range of backgrounds and join with one another over common issues and activities, sometimes as simple as playing video games or sharing a meal. All of our programs are free of charge and include individual counseling, weekly discussion groups, leadership trainings, social events and wellness activities. In the end, youth experiences at YPI can be transformative.

Recognizing that LBGTQQ youth exist outside of YPI, we also provide professional development and training for youth service providers, social service organizations and schools so they have the information and resources to treat all youth with respect and dignity.
Source: Rhode Island Dept of Health, Office of Special Needs
Last Updated: 1/10/2019

Wakefield, RI

South County Hospital Potter Conference Center
100 Kenyan Avenue
Wakefield, RI 02879
Phone: 401-788-1226
Organization Name: South County Healthcare
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Address: South County Hospital Potter Conference Center
100 Kenyan Avenue
Wakefield, RI 02879
Phone: 401-788-1226
Eligibility: Support group for new moms.
Services Provided: The groups meets:
Every Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. to noon at the Potter Conference Center (at South County Hospital in Wakefield).
Every Friday beginning July 1, 2016 from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. at the South County Health Medical & Wellness Center Westerly conference room (268 Post Rd., Rt 1, near Walmart)
Pre-registration is not required. Questions? Call 401 788-1226.
Provider Profiles: The Hospital's New Moms' Support Group provides support to new moms and their babies in a casual, group setting. A certified childbirth educator and OB nurse leads the group, facilitating discussion and education on a variety of topics, including feeding, baby sleeplessness, colic, parental sleep deprivation and postpartum stress. Certified lactation consultants are also on hand to answer questions.
Source: Rhode Island Dept of Health, Office of Special Needs
Last Updated: 10/15/2018


16360 Roscoe Blvd Suite 100
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Phone: 818-892-1616
Address: 16360 Roscoe Blvd Suite 100
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Phone: 818-892-1616
Toll Free Phone: 800-777-8189
Email: info@spondylitis.org
Eligibility: The typical age of onset Onset between ages 17 and 45 with rheumatic diseases that primarily affect the spine and other joints.
Services Provided: An exhaustive library of informational materials on worldwide developments in spondylitis,
A state by state locator to search for a rheumatologist.
Accessibility Information
Specialized Information and Referral
Support Groups
Source: Nationwide Suggest Providers Queue
Last Updated: 11/25/2019