State Institutions for Individuals with Disabilities

Public institutions operated by the state which provide intensive training and supervision for individuals with developmental disabilities (or a developmental disability and one or more secondary impairments) who have serious medical problems, severe behavior challenges or other needs that currently cannot be met by available community resources. (AIRS BH-8400.60000-820)

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Organization Name: State of Rhode Island, Department of Human Services
Address: 40 Fountain Street
RI 02903
Phone: 401-421-7005
TDD: 401-421-7016
Eligibility: To be eligible for vocational rehabilitation services, you must - 1) have a physical, intellectual or emotional impairment which is a substantial barrier to employment, and 2) require vocational rehabilitation services to prepare for, secure, retain, or regain employment, and 3) be able to benefit from vocational rehabilitation services in terms of an employment outcome. []
Services Provided: Transition services [] are activities and supports designed to help the student to identify his/her interests and strengths so that they can work on the skills needed to be successful in employment and adult living.
Provider Profiles: The Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Program is the public state and federally funded program that assists individuals with disabilities to choose, prepare for, obtain and maintain employment.
ORS Counselors provide technical assistance, consultation, information and referral services to school systems and work in close partnership with the 5 Regional Transition Centers, netWORKri and other agencies to improve transition planning.
Original Source: Rhode Island Dept of Health, Office of Special Needs
Last Updated: 10/31/2018

Cranston, RI

Organization Name: The State of Rhode Island
Address: Center for Child and Family Health Hazard Building #74
74 West Road
Cranston, RI 02920
Services Provided: Lead Agency for RI Early Intervention Program
The EOHHS agencies touch the lives of consumers and the communities where they live in a wide variety of ways.
Whether you are looking for yourself, a family member or friend, our goal is to help you find high quality, cost effective health and human services.We can also assist you in locating information about public health issues like immunizations and disease prevention and guide you in finding the license status of the professionals and facilities that provide healthcare, child care, and services and supports to elders and people with disabilities.
Provider Profiles: The Executive Office of Health and Human Services agencies offer Rhode Island consumers the services and supports necessary to lead safe, healthy and independent lives.
Services for:
Families with children
Adults, ages 19-64,

People w/ Special Needs:People with Disabilities and Special Needs have access to the right services, at the right time and in the least restrictive setting.
Original Source: Rhode Island Quality Institute
Last Updated: 2/20/2017
John O. Pastore Center
41 Cherry Dale Court
Cranston, RI 02852
Phone: 401-462-0102
Organization Name: State of Rhode Island
Address: John O. Pastore Center
41 Cherry Dale Court
Cranston, RI 02852
Phone: 401-462-0102
Text: 401-462-0106
Services Provided: sponsors annual forums for concerns of people with disabilities. The forums take place through out the state during the last week of July in honor of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act ( ADA) .
Provider Profiles: To ensure that all people with disabilities are afforded the opportunities to exercise all the rights and responsibilities accorded to citizens of this state and each person with a disability is able to reach his/her maximum potential in independence, human development, productivity and self-sufficiency.
Original Source: Rhode Island Dept of Health, Office of Special Needs
Last Updated: 7/29/2016
Organization Name: State of Rhode Island Department of Human Services
Address: Louis Pasteur Building
57 Howard Avenue
Cranston, RI 02920
Toll Free Phone: 855-697-4347
Toll Free Phone: 855-697-4347
Services Provided: RI Department of Human Services oversees a number of programs to help individual and families in Rhode Island. A complete comprehensive list is on their website.

Child Care Assistance Program
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
General Public Assistance
Disability Determination
Long term Services and supports
Medicaid Programs
RI Works []
Energy Assistance
Provider Profiles: We are an organization of opportunity, working hand-in-hand with other resources in Rhode Island to offer a full continuum of services for families, adults, children, elders, individuals with disabilities, and veterans.
Original Source: Rhode Island Dept of Health, Office of Special Needs
Last Updated: 1/23/2018