RI Paid Leave

Organization Name: RI Department of Labor and Training
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Phone: 401-462-8420
Service Categories:
Eligibility: Most individuals who work in Rhode Island and are covered by TDI are eligible – including those who live out of state. (Exceptions include federal, state and some municipal employees as well as partners and non-incorporated self-employed workers.)
Services Provided: Temporary Caregivers Insurance (TCI) is Rhode Island’s TCI paid leave program helps you afford to take time off from work so you can care for a seriously ill child, spouse, domestic partner, parent, parent-in-law, or grandparent
Ÿbond with a newborn child, adopted child, or foster child
TCI provides up to four weeks of partial wage replacement and protects your job and seniority while you are home providing care. As long as your paycheck shows TDI/TCI payroll deductions, TCI benefits are your benefits to use.
Provider Profiles: The Temporary Caregiver Insurance Program (TCI) is Rhode Island’s paid family leave program. As part of the RI Temporary Disability Program (TDI), TCI provides up to four weeks per year of partial wage replacement benefits to most Rhode Island workers and protects your job security.
Source: Rhode Island Dept of Health, Office of Special Needs
Last Updated: 12/31/2019