Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD)

290 West Exchange Street
Suite 101
Providence, RI 02903
Phone: 401-214-2330
Toll Free Phone: 818-345-2345 x1589
Languages Spoken: Spanish and will work with family to find therapists that speak additional languages if there is a need.
Services Provided:

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  • Applied Behavior Analysis (in home, center, school and community)
  • Specialized Outpatient Services
  • Center-based Services
  • Home Based Services
  • Remote Clinical Services
Provider Profiles:

The Center for Autism and Related Disorders ( CARD) was established in 1990 by Doreen Granpeesheh, and has become one of the world's largest providers of evidence-based autism treatment. CARD has successfully treated thousands of individuals using the principles of ABA to teach new skills and decrease challenging behaviors commonly associated with autism.

Source: Rhode Island Dept of Health, Office of Special Needs
Last Updated: 11/15/2021