Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island South Campus

Organization Name: Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island
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Address: 646 Elmwood Ave
Providence, RI 02907
Phone: 401-784-8600
Text: 401-784-8600
Toll Free Phone: 401-784-8600
Fax: 401-784-8600
Languages Spoken: 60 languages in the Interpreting and Translating Services
Services Provided: Adult Education and Workforce Development
GED classes
English for Speakers of Other Languages
The Citizenship & Immigration Services, accredited by the Bureau of Immigration Appeals (BIA), a branch of the federal government. Seven accredited caseworkers and a staff attorney are trained to handle immigration matters such as citizenship, petitions for relatives, green card applications, asylum applications, deportation defense, and temporary protected status.
Refugee Resettlement
The Clothing Collaborative Network provides work appropriate clothing at no cost to low-income men and women who are completing job training and education programs, and seeking employment.
Interpreting and Translating services.We provide services in business, legal, medical, insurance, government, and social service settings.
Provider Profiles: We provide client-centered services, advocacy and opportunities based on our expertise in family literacy and adult education, employment services, refugee resettlement, translation, interpretation, U.S. citizenship and immigration services.
There is also a North Campus, address below

220 Elmwood Ave
Providence , RI 02907
Source: Rhode Island Dept of Health, Office of Special Needs
Last Updated: 9/12/2016