Clothing, Assistance

Programs that accept new or secondhand clothing, repair the items if necessary, and keep the clothing for use in their own programs, donate it to shelters and other community-based organizations for distribution to the people they serve, or sell it to raise money for agency programs. (AIRS BM-6500.1500) Currently includes Diapers: programs that pay for or provide cloth or disposable diapers. (AIRS BM-6500.1500-150)

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Providence, RI

300 Laurel Hill Avenue
Providence, RI 02909
Phone: 401-632-4770
Address: 300 Laurel Hill Avenue
Providence, RI 02909
Phone: 401-632-4770
Fax: 401-383-9210
Languages Spoken: Spanish
Eligibility: Call to see if eligible
Services Provided: WIC []
Basic Needs Assistance
Tutoring for Elementary School Children
Adult Education Classes
Translation of Birth Certificates
Provider Profiles: The Scalabrini Dukcevich Center is a faith-based community center run by the Scalabrini Lay Movement of Rhode Island.
Original Source: Rhode Island Dept of Health, Office of Special Needs
Last Updated: 11/7/2018


PO Box 7
San Marcos, CA 92079
Phone: 760-744-3565
Service Categories:
Organization Name: Adeptions by Adrien Van Marcos
Address: PO Box 7
San Marcos, CA 92079
Phone: 760-744-3565
Fax: 760-471-7686
Service Categories:
Services Provided: We offer wide variety of special needs clothing including fashionable adult bibs and clothing protectors, back-opening wheelchair shirts and wheelchair jackets, sitter pants and lounge-wear, wheelchair jeans, wheelchair capes, and wheelchair accessories, as well as specialized footwear. Pants with full side zippers are particularly good for people with paralysis, muscular dystrophy, or ALS.

Adapted Clothing
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Last Updated: 8/7/2019