September 2018

The Portal Periodical brings you updates on changes and additions to Portal, alerts you to relevant news & information, and solicits feedback to help us improve the Portal.

Other Updates

  • Improved Service Providers search - We have made some changes to the search in our Services Directory. Your search terms will now prioritized results that are an exact match, so the results you expect should show up at the top of the list now. If this isn’t your experience, please let us know!
  • Medical Home Portal on Social Media - We are using Facebook and Twitter more regularly … be sure to follow us to stay current on changes to the Portal and to get relevant and useful information on CYSHCN-related topics!

Authors & Reviewers

Initial publication: October 2018; last update/revision: October 2018
Current Authors and Reviewers:
Contributing Author: Mindy Tueller, MS, MCHES