Wish Granting Organizations

What is Your Child’s Dream?

What is your child’s wish?
Wish granting organizations can help your child reach a goal, have an adventure, and simply experience joy. On this page you’ll find links various wish-granting organizations that offer funds to chronically or terminally ill children and adults, and to people with life altering disabilities that can make it difficult for them enjoy a typical vacation or experience. Some of these organizations grant wishes to children in specific regions, or for travel to specific destinations. Others focus on helping kids with specific conditions, from cystic fibrosis to cancer to severe autism. There are many that focus on helping children, but there are also organizations that only fund people over the age of 18. Whether your child dreams of a fishing and camping excursion, a trip to Disneyland, or even a day spent “working” at his or her dream job, the organizations below can help your child realize his or her greatest dream.


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Give Kids the World
This organization is not a wish-granting organization in the strictest sense. Rather, it works with other wish foundations to send children with life threatening illnesses to the Central Florida area. Every child that comes to Give Kids the World does so with the sponsorship of another wish granting organization. It has served children from all 50 states and more than 45 countries.


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