Sudden Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)

Sudden death in epilepsy (SUDEP) is a somewhat controversial syndrome that occurs when an individual with epilepsy dies in their sleep without an obvious cause. SUDEP is thought to be related to respiratory insufficiency after a seizure or a cardiac arrthymia that occurs with a seizure. Numerous descriptive case studies are available, and shed some light on the epidemiology, but SUDEP is not well understood. The incidence of SUDEP is very rare in children (1-2/10,000 patient-years) [Camfield: 2005], but occurs in increasing frequency in adolesence and adulthood, accounting for 2-17% of deaths in individuals at a seizure-referral center. [Ficker: 2000]

Causes of SUDEP in children might be different than those in adults. Childhood deaths in children with epilepsy may be more often due to their underlying disorder. SUDEP may occur more frequently in children with developmental delay/intellectual disability, children with difficult to control seizures,and children with seizures that began early in the child's life. [Weber: 2005] [Camfield: 2005] In addition, children with SUDEP were more likely to be sleeping in a prone position and to have generalized tonic-clonic epilepsy. [McGregor: 2006] Polypharmacy and low serum antiepileptic medication levels are found in autopsies of adults with SUDEP, but not necessarily in autopsies of children. Some investigators believe that good seizure control may help prevent SUDEP. [Tomson: 2005]

Some investigators have found that children with epilepsy who are typically developing have no increase in risk of death compared to the general population, [Camfield: 2005] however other studies suggest that SUDEP is found in children with idiopathic and symptomatic epilepsy. [Donner: 2001]


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Author: Lynne M. Kerr, MD, PhD - 6/2011
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