Associate Professor
Department of Pediatrics
University of Utah School of Medicine

University Hospital
50 North Medical Drive
Pediatrics, Area F
Salt Lake City, UT 84132
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Dr. Smith’s commitment to education started during her residency, which she completed at the University of Utah Affiliated Clinics in 2004. She stayed on as a chief resident for the academic year of 2004-2005. During that year, she was responsible for three times weekly morning report conferences and monthly Morbidity and Mortality conferences with the other chief resident.

After working at the Stansbury Health Center Community Clinic, Dr. Smith returned to the University of Utah part-time as adjunct faculty in the University Pediatrics Clinic in 2010, where her main responsibility was teaching third-year medical students and interns. In 2011, she left community practice to spend all of her time in the School of Medicine. With this move came the change from adjunct professor to assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics. She has a private practice and spends the rest of her time precepting students in the same-day clinic and residents in their longitudinal outpatient experience (continuity clinic) at University Pediatric Clinic (Clinic 6). She is also a member of the inpatient nursery faculty team.

Her non-clinical responsibilities involve being a part of the Student Educational Enterprise – a group responsible for changes in the third-year medical student curriculum. Along with members of the Division of Inpatient Medicine, she is responsible for the weekly medical student didactics. She became the Associate Medical Director of the University Pediatric Clinic and the Sugar House Health Center pediatrics clinic in 2021.

Her clinical interests include well-child care, adolescent health care, educating families, and maximizing mental health care in the primary care setting. She assisted with the transition of the Division of General Pediatrics to the EpicCare electronic medical record in 2011. She continues to work with the EpicCare team to develop templates and complete quality improvement within the EMR.

No conflicts of interest (02/16/2023)

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