Medical Content Editorial Policy

Medical Content

Medical content includes Diagnosis Modules (in the Diagnoses & Conditions section, Newborn Disorder pages, Issue pages, and other content aimed at clinicians in the For Physicians & Professionals section).
How content is submitted and accepted
Suggestions for new medical content or revisions of existing content may be submitted by state partners, existing or potential authors, or other interested parties and will be evaluated by the Medical Home Portal editors and staff. Suggestions may be submitted through the Portal’s feedback button or by email to one of the Editors. The Portal’s medical content aims are:
  • Gradually add Diagnosis Modules for the more common chronic conditions in children and adolescents and for a representative portion of the uncommon/rare conditions.
  • Include a Newborn Disorder page for all conditions screened for in partner states.
  • Include Issue pages for important clinical and related issues of particular relevance to children and adolescents with special health care needs in general and to conditions for which the Portal has Diagnosis Modules.
  • Provide guidance for clinicians and their teams in implementing the medical home model of care.
Authors of medical content must have clinical training, expertise, and experience in the diagnosis/topic and have no substantial financial conflicts of interest or biases against standard practice related to the diagnoses/topics about which they write (any less substantial conflicts/biases will be disclosed). In most cases, module authors must have relevant specialty training; contributing authors may have focused expertise/experience and/or be a primary care clinician. Trainees are welcome as authors provided a training supervisor who meets author criteria serves as senior author, jointly accepting responsibility for the content accuracy and quality.
Authors are responsible for the accuracy and quality of the entire module/page, though portions thereof may be authored primarily by others (contributing authors). Portal editors will support and assist authors to assure readability, formatting, and brevity appropriate for the web, and in any other ways the author finds useful. A module/page is published once the author(s) and editor(s) agree it is complete.
Contributing authors may offer contributions or be recruited by authors or Portal editors/staff. In general, contributing authors are responsible for focused sections of a module/page related to their expertise/experience and collaborate with the author(s) in writing their section(s). They accept responsibility for and provide sufficient input to assure the author(s) of the accuracy and quality of their section(s).
Senior authors provide oversight, support, and assistance to one or more authors, usually a trainee(s) or allied professional (e.g., genetic counselor) in writing a module/page related to their shared expertise/experience. The senior author shares responsibility for the accuracy and quality of the content.
Quality Review
Clinical content will be reviewed by at least one peer reviewer with similar training, expertise, and experience. Reviewers may be suggested by the author(s) or recruited by the Portal staff. The goal of review is to assess and provide input to the author(s) and editor(s) on the accuracy, quality, relevance, and completeness of the content. Additional expert reviewers may be asked to provide input related to specific aspects/sections; primary care clinicians or family members may also be recruited to provide their perspectives. Reviewer input will be submitted to the editor(s), who will work with the author(s) to determine appropriate responses. Reviewers may be asked to collaborate with an author in improving a module.
The Medical Home Portal Editorial team will work with authors to optimize content related to readability, formatting for the web, consistency with the Portal’s schemas, and appropriate brevity. For information about the team members, click Portal Editors.
Authors and reviewers will be acknowledged at the end of each module as Author, Contributing Author, Senior Author, or Reviewer, along with the publishing date of the most recent version/update. Author and reviewer history will also be available to the reader upon click of “History of Content Title."
Updating content
The content author(s) and Portal editorial staff endeavor to perform a comprehensive review of the content every 1-2 years to ensure that it is current and maintains clinical relevance for assessment and management of children and adolescents with special health care needs. Authors, Portal editorial staff, or state partners may initiate time-critical revisions whenever a clinically significant development (e.g., new practice guidelines or development of new therapies) is identified.

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